Nordic wools is a creative project by a small family business in Canada and Ukraine that celebrates the beautiful and ornate knitting patterns of nordic and baltic history.


Our core mission is to bring joy to families around the world by connecting them to the traditions they adore. We want our community to feel the experience of home while they are with their friends and family. We want our socks to bring people together and create an atmosphere of warmth, the way it should be. We want to encourage the sharing of gifts, with laughs, hugs and smiles. We want to create memories that last a lifetime. 


Our factory’s heritage stems back to 1872 in the Czech region, and later continuing the tradition in Ukraine up until today. Today, we are a family-run factory with close to 80 workers in the Lviv region. 

Our brand is also proudly Canadian, ever since moving to Canada in 2000. Our products are designed in Canada with a small, yet energetic team managing the operation in Toronto. 


We take pride in being a 100% sustainable factory, with zero usage of water or chemicals. We always opt to choose the most sustainable materials, all of which are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. We commit ourselves to continue to seek out better and more sustainable materials into the future.